Paddle Sales - Agujas Paddles The "Real bamboo" Paddles

Paddle Sales - Agujas Paddles
The "Real bamboo" Paddles

It is not every kayak tour operator that designs and produces their own paddles. That's because not every kayak tour cares as much about the quality of the experience and the environment as we do.

We make our own paddles because we wanted to improve the quality of our tour. Our paddles are lighter than commercial grade paddles and the lighter the better when it comes to a paddle. They also have a great "feel" that experienced paddlers can pick up on. They are livelier and pleasant to use because of the flex and spring inherent in the material of the shaft. The shaft is made of bamboo. One single plain piece of bamboo, not a piece of fiberglass with some bamboo shreds in it. The shaft is a completely renewable, recyclable source of power for the kayak, canoe or SUP.

We not only make the paddles we need for our tour but we sell our paddles as well.

Standard kayak paddles using fiberglass blades (F2) $120
Standard canoe paddles using fiberglass blades (F1) $60
Standard SUP paddle using fiberglass blade (FS1) $100

Call or write for pricing using carbon fiber blades for a significant drop in weight.

Agujas paddles are designed for finesse paddlers, these are not racing paddles, they are lightweight reasonably priced naturally shafted paddles for folks who can appreciate the feel that bamboo offers and just want something a little different from the ordinary.